by Jr. Elkins

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released June 15, 2016

thank you one hundred times over to The Blind Moose for making this possible. recorded reel to reel style in Bloomfield, CT.
thanks to everyone who hung around and helped with the recording process. you are sunshine angel babies.



all rights reserved


Jr. Elkins New Shoreham, Rhode Island

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Track Name: Sea Legs
days are a little longer
ripped up twenty dollar bill
more interested in looking out and thinking in
than making work or thinking who to work for
i don't want or you don't want
anyone to know you really messed up somewhere
tired of thinking about myself
tired of not remembering to write anything down
smell burning buttered pancakes
on cast iron and then think
of six hungry cows on the lawn
drank beer instead of water the other day
and i haven't seen waves because i had to leave the island
but i've been puffin and tuggin away
looking for a job all the while
and a place to stay
felt homeless, don't know where to rest my leg
if i had sea legs i could sleep off the coast
love to sleep in the water
can someone give me a ride on their motorcycle? no but i'm pretending to have a beach fire.
will we look back on this one day? what will we look back on one day?
Track Name: See ya
going steady
four hours both ways
cramped up in sadie
that's eight
then one night of lifting heavy onto cold weather stage
a week of crawling
two days sitting and waiting
four days pain in a white room with no view
then walking with a cane til first november
now with purple aching ankle veins
they put me three times under
i'm still searching for some funding
Track Name: Medium
medium mediator
pseudo mediator
skeptic conspirator
your hands are sweating
psychopathic tendencies
bad thoughts
you'd crash your car just for the rush

consumerism profit
corporate sponsor
you need just your ground ship
shipping parcels
but still pulling out hair
you'll never open up

trauma cycle
what else is their life for
to experience something new
every three months or so
that's not quite enough time
to do much of what you want to

snake like operator
slither round in grass and dirt
does your scaled skin hurt coming off?
stoned hot
my scaled skin hurts coming off

moderately abrupt
casually suspicious
honestly uninterested
you're not at all convincing me
there's something there that works
far to harsh and on yourself

trauma cycle
what else is their life for
trauma cycle
with a bright white force at work
maybe someday they'll be free and open up
Track Name: Uncertain
find yrself alone in bed for months and only months ago it was not so, months from now maybe alone again but find yourself awake in bed with someone
you never thought it would come to be this way
everything passes so fuckin quickly
everything happens and may not have a reason
i know ya heard this all before
oh life, so uncertain
Track Name: How fragile
how fragile is it?
my space is a circle
my room is sacred, you cannot take it away from me
frank hates the phonies
still wearin the hole my scars on under
in these jeans, been on me like a longtime lover i need
or i wish i could be
had one to get another
three, four, five get another
six, seven, eight, nine get another
ten, eleven, twelve get another
another lover
remember those mornings? warm sex, and warm talking
hot coffee, good pot and didn't you love me?